The Hughenden Chamber of Commerce Committee is made up of local business owners who understand the importance of protecting your bottom line.

That’s why we are committed to keeping membership costs low and affordable.

Saying that, we do need your support as much you need ours! Organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce in Hughenden require support from our community to prosper to the benefit to the full community.

We are volunteers that are passionate about the combined success of all our members. We are always available to answer any questions or at the very least point you in the right direction to someone who may be able to assist with your enquiry.

We understand that just surviving in hard times is no recipe for sustainability. Our ability to survive is a strength and unique character of regional Queensland businesses and we aim to capitalise on the strengths you don’t have time to reflect upon.  

Membership Benefits

Membership with the Hughenden Chamber of Commerce entitles you to:

  • Training and development: access to free regular development, information and training/skill-based workshops partnering with corporate and government entities
  • Unity: individual and group representations with operational issues and red tape affecting your business
  • A shared voice: advocacy and lobbying with all levels of government
    Resources- assistance with researching available grants and funding and grant writing
  • Promotion: free advertising space on our website

Become a Member

Sign up today and start receiving the benefits of membership with the Hughenden Chamber of Commerce!

Fees: Business: $62.50 per annum, Non for Profit Organisations/Clubs: $20.00 per annum, Individuals: $20.00 per annum
Timeframe: Memberships due annually June 30